ATTA (Air Transport and Tourism Associates) is a global aviation, hospitality and tourism management consultancy that provides extensive regional and international services, established in 2007; though relatively young in the market, ATTA is certainly deeply rooted and is well established in its field.
ATTA’s objective is to provide a comprehensive range of professional services that would enable the client to arrive at effective solutions to both planning and operational crisis. When necessary, we work in close association with technical specialists in other professional disciplines. To ensure that assignments are undertaken to full professional standards, each project is the responsibility of an individual associate of the firm where their expertise are immensely remarkable and notable.

With extensive market knowledge, we assist our clients with identifying true business potential and implement innovative means to enable them achieve their desired business objective. Our team has the unique ability to assist both public and private sectors in air transport, hotel operations and tourism and hospitality development. ATTA is able to further extend its association with the international market to provide assistance, when necessary, given its managements’ expertise and extensive connections with major players in the industry.

ATTA’s consulting services are customized to address your business needs; to name a few:

1- Represent foreign commercial and industrial companies that are not operative in Bahrain;
2- Provide Aviation consultative services
3- Conduct economical studies and marketing strategies;
4- Advise and consult services in the Tourism and hospitality industries
5- Organize conferences and Tourism related events
6- Initiate and overlook commercial and technical exhibitions along with their operations aspects.

ATTA is entirely independent of any political, commercial or contracting interests. Thus, it provides constructive consulting services that are aimed at developing project-planning processes, marketing appraisals in addition to achieving profitable management and operational performances.

Since its establishment, ATTA proved its efficiency, true commitment and absolute reliability towards the services it provides to its clients and the projects it incepted. Below are projects where ATTA’s consultative services were sought and offered;

1- Al Raya Suites at the Seef District
2- ATTA’s second seminar around risk and crisis management in the hospitality industry amongst others
3- Oasis Hotel, Qatar; an up-market 5 star hotel

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